The time has come...

The building of Coburns Distillery is a journey that started 15 years ago when Mark Coburn was in his mid 30’s.

Ten years ago, Mark boldly told his family that he wanted to be able to drink his own 20-year-old single malt by the time he turned 70, and once the idea had been set free there was some serious work to be done. 

After years of research, Mark had narrowed down the type and style of spirit he wanted to make. For Mark, it had to be a single malt whisky that was true to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, with a whisky to represent each of the four seasons.

The concept was born


Light, fresh and easily approachable


Full of fruit with abundant flavour


Lightly peated with plenty of spice


Peat driven richness with a big essence of oak

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