Why Bourbon Barrels Are Used In Scotland

By Mark Coburn I love this description on the use of American Bourbon barrels in Scotland. “It is over 80 years since the end of Prohibition in the USA in 1933. Since that time the use of American ex-Bourbon casks has changed the taste of Scotch whisky. Casks have been used since time immemorial for […]

WINTER: Barn Dance

Join us on the future site of the distillery for the winter Barn Dance, warm yourself by the fire and enjoy an evening under the stars.  

AUTUMN: Harvest Dinner

Imagine sitting outside at a long table with old fashioned lights hanging overhead. Hold that thought. Now imagine spending the evening chatting and laughting over dinner with the people around you. Bring that idea along at 5pm on the 11th of February and you will have a great time. We promise the food will be […]

SUMMER: Dinner on the Lawn 11th Feb ’17

Dinner on the lawns at Coburns was a special evening of great people, great food and great music. Here are a few of our favourite pictures of the evening.

AUTUMN: Picnic on the Grass

They arrived from around the Southern Highlands, Sydney and from as far away as Brisbane. Everyone came to check out the site for the new Coburns Distillery. 150 people arrived in the early afternoon to enjoy the cool sounds of Ben & Wendy, a fantastic duo from Sydney belt out the classics. We all got […]

The time to start is now.

We have been in talks with a couple of Australian whisky distilleries to start producing spirit for Coburns to start filling barrels.

Still Design: time to share some thoughts

Still Design We are planning for a set of five 5000 litre pot stills dedicated to making whisky. This should give us the flexibility to grow production in the future as demand requires. This beautiful coloured technical drawings show the classic shape of the famous Glenmorangie stills. There will be 100% copper contact in the […]

Time to talk to a Town Planning consultant

After downloading the Local Environmental Plan from the Sate Government website, I find the planning map that covers the right area. Things are looking positive. The land sits in an E3 zoning. ¬†On studying the zoning regulations I’m feeling more and more confident the property is in the right zoning for our planned usage. The […]

The perfect site for a distillery, almost…

A great building with amazing cellar space and loads of room. We have talked to council, the building is heritage listed! It’s not zoned for commercial use either. The town planner said it would take at least a year to get the zoning changed and a lot of money. That said the biggest issue is […]

The task of finding the right location

We are looking at a number of buildings & locations around the Southern Highlands. There are a lot of considerations when looking at a location to open the distillery. Size, access, cost, neighbours, foot traffic to name a few. [mashshare]

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