Discover how you can become a "Coburns Whisky Custodian" - and become a part of Australian Whisky History...

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recorded in the Distillery Workshop, by Coburns Distillery Founder, Mark Coburn

Becoming a Coburns Whisky Custodian gives you a unique opportunity to get behind the scenes of a distillery...

You'll get to visit Coburns Distillery, sit in the barrel store with Mark Coburn and knock the bungs off a few barrels and poke your nose in to enjoy that angel's share as it escapes.

As a custodian you have a unique opportunity to go "behind-the-scenes" and discover how malt whisky is made.

You'll be transported along the journey of the whisky, from new spirit being filled into your barrel to maturation of your spirit over years as it matures into liquid gold.

And you will be the Custodian that gave that whisky life.

You will have created it.

You get to keep up to half the whisky in the barrel, and Coburns Distillery will buy back all of the whisky that you don't keep.

Coburns will privately label your Whisky and put your name, and your individual barrel's details on your bottles for you... These bottles could become family heirlooms, a whisky that you can hand down through the generations, enjoyed for decades to come.

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You can be a part of Australian Whisky History...

Limited Custodian Spots available.

Membership is limited to a lucky few. This is the experience of a lifetime that will only be available once to a select few.

Be a part of a panel of tasters and judge the Whisky.

Every Coburns Custodian has the opportunity to become part of the panel of tasters who judge when a whisky is ready to be bottled.

Private Labeled bottles and a Spirited 8% per annum compounded return.

As a Whisky Custodian you will be rewarded as the Whisky ages at Coburns distillery. A spirited 8% per annum compounded return plus you get to keep your privately labeled bottles.

ASIC Compliant Investment for Self Managed Super Funds

Discover how you can use your Self Managed Super Fund to become a Coburns Whisky Custodian - an opportunity like no other!

Be a part of Australian Whisky History.

In 2013 an Australian whisky was voted best whisky in the world.. With your help, Coburns Distillery is aiming to do it again.

Limited Custodians opportunities available. Learn more now.

How Coburns was started...

Ten years ago, Mark boldly told his family that he wanted to be able to drink his own 20-year-old single malt by the time he turned 70, and once the idea had been set free there was some serious work to be done. 


In May 2016 Mark turned 49. He knew he only had a year left to realise his dream of getting spirit into a barrel, so the process of building Coburns distillery had to begin. Three years earlier Mark had found a whisky mentor who had been pointing him in the right direction and introducing him to all the right industry people to help him achieve his dream.

After 10 years of research, Mark had narrowed down the type and style of spirit he wanted to make. For Mark, it had to be a single malt whisky that was true to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, with a whisky to represent each of the four seasons. 

Become a Custodian of Australia's Finest Whisky Seasons


Light, fresh and easily approachable


Full of fruit with abundant flavour


Lightly peated with plenty of spice


Peat driven richness with a big essence of oak

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