The time to start is now.

The time has come to stop talking and start filling barrels…

We have been in talks with a couple of Australian whisky distilleries to start producing spirit for Coburns to start filling barrels.

We have managed to negotiate production time with two distilleries. The distilleries will brew and ferment to the Coburns’ formula. This arrangement will see our first single malt spirit produced within a couple of months.


Aged in the Southern Highlands

Once production commences the new make spirit will be moved to a bonded cellar in the Southern Highlands. There it will sit, ageing for the next 4-7 years.

These arrangements give Coburns the ability to produce 20 barrels by the middle of 2017, therefore giving us our first single malt whisky within two years.

Used sherry Barrels

First we need to find some nice wood

Cooperages around Australia are getting back to us with what barrels they have available. The coopers are telling us that they have waiting lists for good wood at the moment.

We are so pleased to be able to start laying down the first of our barrels well before our own distillery has finished construction at our new Burrawang site. This is another big step in the journey of building a distillery.

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